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Find out what kind of dog you have.

TL; DR: Learn more about your furry friend with the My dog’s breed identification DNA test, on sale for $ 59.99 – a 24% discount – starting September 11. Plus, you’ll also earn a $ 20 store credit.

Dogs are one of the most diverse species on the planet. Think about it; a Dalmatian and a German Shepherd are almost identical genetically, but their very different ears, legs, colors, and temperaments are largely due to selective breeding by humans. Weird, isn’t it?

In the United States alone, the American Kennel Club has 190 dog breeds on its official list. Worldwide, however, the FCI (International Canine Federation) lists 360 recognized breeds. And that doesn’t even include mixed breed dogs like Goldendoodles. So your furry friend might have a lot more going on behind the scenes than you might have realized.

You want to find out what makes your dig in unique? Hook this quick and easy cheek DNA swab and learn about his true mix of races, personality traits and more.

The DNA My Dog Test comes with sterile swabs, a specimen collection envelope, and a return envelope. All you need to do is remove a painless swab from your pet’s mouth and send it back to the lab for analysis. Within two weeks, you will receive a full report detailing your dog’s exact mix of breeds, unique personality traits, and even genetic health issues and risks for certain diseases. You will also receive a personalized photo certificate of the breeds present in your dog’s genetic makeup, in case your friends don’t believe you.

My dog’s DNA got a GHP Biotechnology Prize in 2020 as leaders in ethical canine genetic testing. So, you can expect the whole process to be quick, easy, and completely painless for your puppy.

Stop Guessing Your Dog’s Breed And Find Out The Truth With The My Dog DNA Test Kit, On Sale For Only $ 59.99 (regularly $ 79) for a limited time. With your purchase, you will also receive a $ 20 site credit for future use on more pet essentials or something for yourself.

My dog's breed identification DNA test - $ 59.99

My dog’s breed identification DNA test – $ 59.99

Credit: DNA my dog

My dog’s breed identification DNA test – $ 59.99

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