Daniel Henney finds forever home for former breeding dog



Seoul – Anytime you see a dog giving you their irresistible puppy eyes, it is simply the hardest sight to resist by not wanting to bring them home.

Korean-American actor Daniel Henney felt the same when he saw a dog in an animal shelter and therefore brought him home – even if it meant for another continent.

Henney met the young golden retriever in Korea while filming a Korean reality show Improve my life. The actor named the dog Rosie and he’s been working for a few months to bring her back from Korea to the United States where he is based, according to 8days.sg.

Henney, who is best known for her role in the American crime drama Criminal minds shared that Rosie instantly stole her heart by reminding her of her own golden retriever Mango, who died three years ago.

The actor shared that he couldn’t help but think of Rosie who was rescued from a cattle farm. And after that long wait, the day finally came true and Henney shared the good news on Instagram on June 21.

Daniel Henney is a dog lover and animal activist. Photo: Instagram

Henney received help from Korean Dog Sanctuary Rescue and he was able to bring Rosie back to the United States where he is currently hosting her. Best of all, he even found Rosie a forever home.

“[I] I have found her a forever home with my good friend’s wonderful mother… whom she will meet later this summer. So excited for her new life !!! ” he wrote.

Rosie isn’t the first dog Henney rescued from Korea. The dog lover and animal activist worked with the Humane Society International (HSI) to raise awareness in South Korea about the benefits of dog adoption.

Last year, he adopted a young golden retriever Juliette who was rescued from a dog meat farm in Korea. He also has a 10 year old golden retriever named Roscoe.

Born November 28, 1979, Daniel Phillip Henney is an American actor and model. He first rose to international prominence with his television debut as Dr. Henry Kim in Korean drama. Soon my adorable Sam (2005).


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