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Inflation is rampant, grocery and gas prices are high, abortion is no longer legal everywhere, the right is attacking LGBT people, and our national politics is a pie fight. Congratulations, nostalgia fans, that 70s era you’ve been dreaming about is back, so might as well dress up the role. Nylo Wool, a small shop on the east side of Deep Ellum, can outfit you. Most of the vintage clothing here for men and women was made in the 90s or earlier – much earlier in the case of a pair of men’s Lee jeans from the 30s, which are still in better shape today than a pair of modern Levi’s. after a few washes. Don’t confuse Nylo with a thrift store or consignment store. It doesn’t have that faint musty smell for one, and the owner curates the selection, buying American-made clothes from estate sales and other collectors. The quality is high, but the prices are not, so you can walk out with a vintage woolen sport coat, a Brooks Bros. button down. 30 years old, leather lace-up boots and a sturdy pair of well-worn shoes. jeans and I still have money for a fill-up. Even better, these clothes were probably made by unions. Unlike today’s disposable fast fashion, the goods will likely still be usable a decade from now.

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