Anna Gosling: Speak up for dogs and against puppy mills | Letters

I am a student. I moved here in 2018 for college and love living in Winona.

But there’s one thing I learned about Winona County that really disappoints me. This county has several puppy mills, more than any other county in the state. For years, the county granted local permits to these large breeding facilities to mass-produce puppies.

There is so much data, including countless stories, about the harm done to dogs and puppies who are confined to these kennels for years and raised over and over again until their bodies wear themselves out – all of this so that the puppies can be sold to pet stores. at national scale.

It’s time for Winona County to do something about this horrible practice – and it looks like action can finally be taken.

At the Winona County Council meeting held on August 23, Commissioners Greg Olson, Marie Kovecsi and Chris Meyer voted to move forward the discussion on dog breeding facilities. They directed the county attorney’s office to present options for an interim order (moratorium) and parameters for a study into the dog breeding industry at the September 27 board meeting.

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Please attend the meeting on September 27 as we all need to be there to ensure that we as the public are allowed to participate in the discussion. It’s not just a matter of land use or personnel. This ties in with our core values: Does Winona County care about the welfare of dogs? What do we value? Are we ready to learn and change?

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