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Amidst all of the chaos in the world today, we had a fantastic weekend in Holmes County, Ohio. It is commonly called Amish Country and it is certainly full of many Amish families to which I take my hat off in 2021 as the rest of the nation tries to achieve what it has never given up on.

I can only imagine the challenge it has been to keep Amish children in the community over the past 50 years as cars get faster, the world evolves and gets brighter just to live in an Amish community without the internet. nor car.

This event took place near Walnut Creek, Ohio at a place called The Farm which has a significant production of produce and it was able to interweave a phenomenal agri-tourism element which quite frankly is second to none that I have ever seen. have lived in person. . The event was hosted by the Indiana Council of Animal Welfare and was a fundraising initiative for Protect the Harvest.

We had about 300 people in attendance who were just there for our event on October 2, but I’m guessing the total attendance that day from throwing pumpkins, swimming in corn, and driving a cart pulled by Percherons through a amazing show of exotic animals was over 3000.

Protect the Harvest continues to defend and preserve American freedoms and to support farmers, ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts and animal owners. At this event, the focus was on supporting dog breeders. Yes, I am talking about commercial kennels licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture that breed puppies for sale to pet owners. I don’t think, overall, a pet owner has had a harder time staying in business than dog breeders.

You have to ask yourself “Why?” Why is there such negative sentiment against commercial dog breeding? In fact, some states have attempted to limit the number of dogs a family can own. For years I would like to point out how ridiculous it is that we try to limit the number of dogs a person can care for because we fear that they may not be able to care for them “properly”, yet people can have as many children as they want (and often they are not cared for properly).

The subject involving Amish families raising dogs has nothing to do with dogs and their care but everything to do with the Christian family unit that the Amish continue to have as a cornerstone of their culture. When you also consider that their culture encourages them to keep their heads down, work hard, and not speak, it adds to the complexity of the situation where they are limited on what they can even say on their own behalf.

Let me conclude by saying that if the “government” can shut down dog breeders for any reason, then the ability to own any animal of any type will soon be extinguished as well. If you can remember many events in history, you should be alarmed. If not all pet owners support dog breeders, before long none of us will own pets and we’re not just talking about pets anymore.

Editor’s Note: The views expressed herein are those of the author and do not represent those of High Plains Journal. Trent Loos is a sixth generation American farmer, host of the daily Loos Tales radio show and founder of Faces of Agriculture, a nonprofit that puts the human element back into food production. Learn more about, or email Trent at [email protected]


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