Amazon Prime Day – here are the best deals for your pets


Prime Day offers don’t just give you the chance to save a few bucks on the latest phones or laptops. There are all kinds of products on sale right now, including a lot of things my fellow pet owners would love to get their hands on.

There are discounts on all kinds of pet products, including basics like beds, grooming tools, and food, as well as automatic pet feeders and more pet-friendly equipment. So if you need to pick up some supplies for your dog or kitten, today is the day to get there.

Prime Day animal deals: the best deals right now

Prime Day pet deals – the best deals right now

Amazon Basics Pet Essentials: price starting at 9 $
Animal lovers should look no further than Amazon’s own line of pet gear, which gets discounts of up to 30% thanks to Prime Day. Whether it’s a cat tree, a dog bed, or a bulk order of poop bags and litter, you’re bound to find something you need on sale.See the offer

Furbo dog camera: was $ 169 now $ 118 @ Amazon
Keep an eye on your pets when they’re alone with this camera, which doubles as a treat dispenser to keep them from messing around. This one offers Full HD resolution, built-in mic and speaker, full night vision, 160 degree field of view and is Alexa compatible.See the offer

PetKit Dog Water Bottle: was $ 19 now $ 12 @ Amazon
The weather is really bad, and taking your dog for a walk is going to be a thirsty job. So make sure your puppy stays hydrated with this specialized doggie water bottle. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and has a small bowl so your furry friend can grab their drink when they need it.See the offer

Petlibro automatic cat feeder: was $ 79 now $ 63 @ Amazon
Currently unavailable:
Keep your cat (or small dog’s) dinner on time with this automatic feed. The Wi-Fi enabled device can distribute up to 10 streams per day and offers 10 different voice recordings. It is controlled through the companion app and saves your feeding record for future reference. See the offer

Joyo Cat Window perch: was $ 36 now $ 29 @ Amazon
Cats love to relax, and with this window perch, they can do so while observing the outside world. Without taking up space on the windowsill. It is easy to assemble and designed to support up to 40 pounds of weight.See the offer

VOVO Low Noise Pet Clippers: was $ 24 now $ 14 @ AmazonCurrently unavailable: If your pet needs a haircut, you might want to get something like this. The VOVO Professional Style Dog Clipper is cordless and offers three different speeds to trim all that excess fur. The best part is that it promises to run quietly which will be beneficial for anxious animals.See the offer

Pawradise Undercoat Rake: was $ 17 now $ 14 @ Amazon
If your pet can’t stand noisy clippers, this may help. This undercoat rake can do wonders for their fur, with a design designed to safely comb through tangled and tangled fur, and remove loose hair that needs to fall out. It is also designed to be gentle on the skin.See the offer

Leadhom Pet Stairs: was $ 50 now $ 35 @ Amazon
If you have a small pet with small legs, they’ll need help getting to the top. Whether it is the sofa, the car or any other place. This is where the pet stairs come in, allowing them to comfortably climb to these heights. It weighs up to 50 pounds and has a removable plush coat to make it softer on their little feet.See the offer

Frontline Plus treatment: was $ 64 now $ 31 @ Amazon
It is always wise to keep your pet’s flea and tick treatments up to date, especially in the summer when these can absolutely thrive. Luckily, Prime Day is giving you over 50% off the regular Frontline treatment price, so grab it while you can.See the offer

Whistle Go Explore GPS Tracker: was $ 128 now $ 103 @ Amazon
GPS trackers can be invaluable in keeping an eye on your pet outside, whether it is an outdoor animal or in the event of a loss. The Whistle Go Explore attaches to your pet’s collar, is waterproof, has a 20-day battery, a built-in night light and tracks your pet’s general activity. Just be aware that it requires an active subscription to function.See the offer

Simple stain remover for green cats and odors: was $ 23 now $ 19 @ Amazon
Animals can smell bad and cause damage, especially if they are young. So get ready with this stain remover and deodorant that contains special enzymes designed to clean cat urine, feces, blood and vomit, to make your home look like new. The dog version is also on sale at the same price you can come hereSee the offer

Omorc Extendable Pet Carrier: was $ 39 now $ 31 @ Amazon
Make the process of traveling with your pet a bit easier with this Prime Day offer. The Omorc expandable carrier can be opened to give your pet extra room to settle down when not actually moving. I am also approved by the airline, so you will have no problem at the airport.See the offer

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