7 Ways Kiba Is The Worst Konoha 11 Member In Naruto

Kiba was one of Kurenai’s shinobi and a member of Naruto’s Konoha 11. A master of ninja dogs, he could combine techniques with Akamaru to unleash a series of devastating attacks. However, there were many qualities in his character and toolkit that diminished his credibility as a shinobi.

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In many cases, it even made him the least likeable member of his entire generation for one reason or another. By identifying Kiba’s worst qualities, it becomes easier to understand whether or not he deserved to be featured in the series as much as the other members of the Konoha 11.

seven Kiba was harder on Naruto than other Shinobi in his childhood

Throughout their childhood, Kiba was one of Naruto’s biggest detractors. He constantly ridiculed him, especially whenever Naruto shared his dreams of becoming Hokage.

This rivalry came to a head during the Chunin Exams, where Kiba deliberately sought to hurt Naruto in order to teach him a lesson and establish himself as a superior fighter. Ironically, this plan failed as Naruto managed to overpower him with a fart. Although Kiba has since fired him, he only respects Naruto for his strength.

6 Kiba’s ambition is redundant

As Kiba has not been much developed in Shippuden, fans finally got a sense of his aspiration in his endless world of tsukuyomi. It turns out that just like Naruto, he also wanted to become the Leaf Hokage and give everyone their own ninja dogs.

There are two serious problems with such ambition. Not only is this redundant and completely unrealistic, but it also makes him a massive hypocrite for the aforementioned bullying of Naruto. Considering Kiba’s weakness for what he wanted, his dream is nothing more than a bad joke.

5 Kiba is worth nothing without Akamaru

Kiba has a serious problem that no other shinobi in the series shares. His entire toolkit depends on Akamaru, which means that once the dog dies, he’ll have to bond with and train a whole new dog (if such a thing is even possible).

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As a result, he would waste the limited time he has to develop in hopes of maintaining his abilities. Worse still, he will have to do it every ten years or so given the limited lifespan of a dog. Therefore, Kiba constantly backs off due to his own ninja way.

4 Kiba needed help against Sakkon/Ukkon

During Sasuke’s recovery arc, Kiba confronted Sakon/Ukkon. Despite technically being a two-on-two, he still needed Kankuro’s help, which suggests how weak he really is. You could argue that Kiba can’t be bashed too harshly considering how his teammates were also helped.

However, Shikamaru fought in rough terrain where his jutsu was extremely difficult to use, and Kimimaro was much stronger than any other member of the Sound Four. As a result, Kiba was the only character in the recovery arc to lose in an even fight.

3 Kiba didn’t have any significant fights in Shippuden

For many Konoha 11, Shippuden was an important time to expand and show off what they had learned from the time jump. However, Kiba had virtually no progress and had no duels with enemy shinobi (except for a rematch with Sakon/Ukkon which was cut short).

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The only major thing Kiba accomplished was to help decimate the Statute of Gedo forces. However, since his spawn was relatively small although large, the shinobi hound cannot take too much credit for his victory.

2 Kiba attacked Shino

During the Fourth Shinobi War, Team Kurenai found themselves deep in an underground tunnel. The knowledge that a white zetsu was among them proved distressing, especially for Kiba. Despite all of its impressive ninja followings, the zetsu could perfectly mimic the scent of its peers.

As a result, he was forced to attack Shino even though he wasn’t even sure of his guilt. Fortunately, the impostor was revealed before any permanent damage could be done, but it still boded ill for Kiba’s restraint and intelligence.

1 Kiba was almost completely irrelevant in the Chunin Exams

Although the Chunin Exams were meant to introduce the Konoha 11, Kiba had almost no role in it. Besides using Akamaru as an obvious cheat tool in the foreplay, he was completely inconsequential throughout the Forest of Death.

Kiba’s arsenal is perhaps more extensive than that of other shinobi (at least for the time), though his first-round elimination ensures fans never get to see him. By the end of the arc, Kiba had done little to establish himself as a shinobi the audience should care about seeing again.

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