Club-Feur-Molosser is a website dedicated to dog afficionados, particularly in love with the Molosser breed. We hope to attract people of the same interest and those who wish to learn more about this charming, adorable and lovable dog breed.

We started out as a two-man team, brothers Mike and Mark Lowenstein of the Northern Territories. As young kids, they grew up having pet dogs at an early age. This life-long romance with dogs continued into their teen years and carry over into their early adult life.

In the succeeding years, our membership grew, starting out with friends, co-workers and neighbors. Todate, we have approximately 300 active members and we project to reach the 500-member my in less than two year’s time. We take regular vacations to the outer banks, and generally love life.

As a club, we offer grooming advice, health tips and breeding Molosser pups to our members as well as anyone who is interested to learn about such wonderful and sociable pets.