Dog Breeders of the Molosser Family

We are a group of dog lovers and afficionados, particularly of the Molosser breed. If you share the same interest, then welcome!


Started by a group of avid dog lovers and fans of the Molosser breed of dogs, we have decided to establish this site and have a venue for communication, collaboration and cooperation with fellow Molosser owners.

Why Molosser?

Good question. But then again, why not? They are adorable, loving and smart dogs. Who wouldn’t want to have a pet with those qualities? A perfect pet for anyone.

Quite Contrary

Despite their big and muscular frame, Molossers are rather soft and fluffy dogs. Their muscles are mostly flabby unlike some other dog breeds. This is what makes them unique. 

a little trivia about..


Originally from France, these majestic and gracious breed of dogs have been very well traveled to all corners of the world. Today, the Molosser can be found in 139 countries worldwide.

About Us

We started as a group 10 years ago. Originally there were about 5 of us who were co-workers at the same company. Our common interest? Molosser dogs.

Join the Kennel

If you’re inclined to join us, by all means, please do. We welcome members from all walks of life, including companies/organisations and not-for-profits. We have commercial support from companies such as, Reevoo, Good House Keeping and Auto Express. The only requirement is that we respect each other.

Fun Times Ahead

With a flurry of activities lined up for our members, you can be sure of fun-filled weekend activities for you and your mutt. Become a member today, ask us how.